…And Two become 1

Up until the pandemic we had 3 businesses at Kamp K9 we had Doggie Daycare, Dog Training  and Dog Breeding…

Sadly the Doggie Daycare had to go, people were working from home so no longer needed anyone to care for their dogs and when the rules changes they became impossible for us to sustain.  So we took the hard decision to stop doing Daycare (but never say forever, but for the foreseeable future)

The Dog Training stopped and moved to online training which is doable but you don’t seem to get the same camaraderie that you do in a class. 

We have since started one to one Training as we can set that up safely and keep our distance.

So we have decided to move all business together so from now on collectively we will be know at

Duncansdoodles Dog Training Academy 


Highly Acclaimed Dog Breeders 

​Concept​ Training 

What is Concept Training? 

A way of shaping your dogs brain to give them the tools they need to correct behaviours and cope with any situation life throws at them.

What are the concepts?


Helping your dog to choose calm and be able to be calm after excitement.

‘Calm dogs always make great choices’


Helps with confidence if their routines change 

Helps your dog ‘Go with the Flow.’


Even with distractions around your dog can focus on you.


Builds great determination and staying power

To never give up on a task


Promotes dogs/puppies to be happy when they are on their own.


For a dog who chooses to stay close to you and keeps checking in with you often.


Can Listen and think and still respond  in the face of a distraction.

Confidence and Optimism

See’s All Novelty as something good and indeed normal.  

Games Based Training

Why I have a chosen Games based training for Duncansdoodles?

About 12 years ago we adopted a beautiful red fox Labrador who’s name was Kerri, during her first season she had an altercation with a couple of dogs which really altered her mind set on dogs, where at first she loved to play with dogs now she was very fearful and weary of them and her go to method was attack before your hurt me!!   We sought help and came across a Trainer 1 (an aversive trainer) who believed that Kerri was being dominant and we had to ‘put her in her place’ - it breaks my heart to think I went along with this method and it actually made her 10 times worse than she was so back to the drawing board!

Next I studied to be a Trainer 2 ( a lure based Trainer) these methods got results and helped our girl to learn to turn her attention from the dogs to us but we could never trust her 100% because if we weren’t there or we missed that other dog coming into sight she would attack again!! Fast forward 10 years and we found Concept training so a shout out here for Absolute Dogs who changed our lives.

So now everyone here at Duncansdoodles undergoes courses to help us with our knowledge and spreading the knowledge of Games Based Training not only is it fun, we have a smile on our face training it and our dogs love playing games, which gives a great relationship with our dogs. This also spreads out to all our customers that buy our puppies (puppies start concept training as soon as they are on their feet) but also now we are delivering lessons out in our local community.

Training Sessions are starting back up again in our local Centre The Rockcliffe Centre

starting on the 6th April at 4.30 - 5.30 & 6 - 7 

Lessons are £80 for 6 lessons (payable in advance) 

Lessons begin from £15 for a 1 to 1 training session - we tailor the training to suit each dog. Every dog is an individual and we ALWAYS train the dog in front of us.

Some exciting news to come… 

Keep checking out so see what exciting things open up to you….

We have all been studying hard here at Duncansdoodles to gain our next level of training which is

 ‘Pro Dog Training’ & ‘Geek’ with Absolute Dogs and we are now Affiliated Partners  

which opens up more Opportunity for us to give you, in order to help your puppy/dog along with their training  and understanding the world around them.

Giving you all a more fulfilled life together.

Someone asked me…When is my dog ‘trained’ the honest answer to this is, the journey of training never ends.  Thinks about it?? When does our learning stop? I’d say, NEVER there is always something in the world we never knew we never knew and every day there is always something new to learn.  The same can be said of your dog, they always want to learn, to interact with you, to play with you and learn about the world around them.  So it’s our job to facilitate that for them to help them live a long and fulfilling life.

For more information on Training then ring us or message us on WhatsApp : 07702057300 our Facebook page Duncansdoodles @Kamp K9 or send in the form below beginning your message #️⃣TRAINING

Are you Sexier than a Squirrel? 

I am so excited to be able to offer you this amazing online course that because we are an affiliated member of Absolute Dogs we can offer for an amazing price of £30 which saves ££££’s

Not only do you get the STAS online course you get accesses to our facebook group where we are building up a fabulous community of like minded people like yourselves who want to help our dogs want and love being with us - rather than chase the squirrel or run after he cat or dog down the street - I’m super excited you want to join me on this challenge. Its going to be so much fun! Once I have received your payment of £30 to my paypal I can send over your registration link. My paypal email is [email protected] I can’t wait to do this together.

Watch this space

Coming soon…… counting down in days not weeks!!!!

Would you like your Dog to stop pulling on lead? To walk nicely beside you on a walk, to make walking your dog the dream you always wanted it to be?

Then watch the space…..

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