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Hello and welcome to our Website - Duncan's Doodles -

At the moment we don’t have any puppies - we are asking at this time for people to get in touch via our Facebook page - Duncansdoodles @kampk9 - you can see up to date Information and photos.

We hope to update on improve on our website shortly - so please bare with us.

A Bit About Us.

So why buy a Duncan’s Doodle puppy? The reason is simple, we love our dogs and only want the best for each and everyone. We care passionately about where the puppies will go and how well they will be cared for after they leave our care. We give life long support and advice about your puppy and we are always at the end of the phone, email or text. Our aim is to give you the best chance to get the best out of your new best friend.

So.. Who are We?

Our names are Gill and Andi Duncan and have been breeding Goldendoodles for three years. We started breeding Goldendoodles after a great deal of research and thought about what type of dogs would be ideal for our family.

We choose Goldendoodles for their great temperament and how they interact and love being with people and especially children, and as most (not all) Goldendoodles don't shed hair it was great for Andi who as asthma to be able to have multiple dogs in the house without it effecting her chest!!

We started breeding 3 years ago with Ruby, who came to us as an adult dog but we fell in love with her and the breed very quickly. She is so laid back and chilled out and takes everything in her stride. She loves people, children and other dogs and she is a pleasure to be around.

We then bought Dori as a puppy so we too know all about puppy hood and how sometimes they can drive us mad - and make us think - why did I EVER want a puppy in the first place!! But honestly bare with them as because you will soon learn that you are wondering - how did I ever live without them in our lives?! We have kept at least one puppy form each litter we have ever had because we believe they are the most wonderful dogs in the world!! - bias I know but once you have a Duncan's Doodle puppy - you'll know what I mean!!!  

So believe me when I say Doodles become addictive…

Since starting to breed Standard Goldendoodles we were often asked do you ever have 'small' Goldendoodles as people loved the idea of the Goldendoodles but didn't have the space for them or wouldn't be able to manage such a big dog, so we again did lots of research and found that if you breed a standard Goldendoodle with a Miniature Poodle you would then get a Miniature Goldendoodles so this is what we did and now we concentrate on breeding Miniature Goldendooldes - an amazing 'small' dog with a big dog attitude.

We have a couple of litters due this year 2017 We have several people who have their names on our list to reserve one of our puppies - if you would like to be added to the list please get in touch and we will be pleased to add your name too.

This is Ruby our Mama dog!! she was the beginning of Duncan's Doodles and we love her to bits!! - She is now retired and but still very much mother

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